Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Jasmine got to do PT at the waterpark today...at first she didn't know what to think...then she got it...she splashed and smiled alot...Jasmine continues to do well...Thank you God!!!! She is growing, playing peek a boo. and saying BA BA...this means dad in arabic...she continues to also do well in her therapies...soon we hope she will be walking...I look forward to chasing her around the house...the doctors said, "if all goes well...she will get her trach out next spring." I'm grateful for my wonderful, extra special, and loving daughter...she is such a pleasure to spend time with...I'm amazed, as well as, her therapist at how quickly she learns...again thanks to God!!!

Jasmine and I want to say a warm "hello" to Forsyth Medical Staff...Martha, Amy, Kristi, Christina, ...everybody there!!! Also a special hello goes out to Reagan!!! We send lots of love and kisses your way!!!!

Love to all
Shannon and Jasmine
and BA BA :)

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Jasmine has been home for "2 months and 4 days" ...

We have been very busy during this time...we have 2 physical therapist, 2 speech therapist, 1 OT therapist, 1 OM therapist coming to the home...they are all very lovely people and Jasmine has really taken to them...she is sitting, playing, laughing, and working on standing...she "praise GOD" is doing remarkably well...she also has TWO TEETH!!!

We are getting braver at home...we go for daily walks, we had our first dinner out as a family (you can sit outside),visisted the beach and this week will be our first visit to the park...we still don't do inside visits, or shoppping...this is the recommendation of her team of doctors...

Jasmine and I would like to say "hello" to a few people we miss so much!!! Jennifer (NICU Brenners), Melanie (NICu Brenners), Katie (NICU Brenners), Heather NICU Brenners)...all the NICU front desk staff!!! (please forgive if i forgot someone)