Wednesday, December 14, 2011


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Couponing Cont'd

COUPONING...So I have been inspired to coupon. There really is alot of money to save and my motto Why pay more when you can pay less!!! I have been organizing my coupon notebook and have already started using my coupons. Typically at the store the other bill would have been $30.00 and I paid $16.00...that is a savings!!! There is alot I can do with this make more money...enrich our lives...etc...Do you coupon? Any advice is welcome, since I'm a newby. What is everyones opinion on organic versus non organic? I have some pics to post of my coupon notebook! I'm so proud:) Saving one penny at a time:)

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Rainy Day

I just love rainy days. They give you that excuse to lounge around in your PJ's...without the guilt. One of my favorite sounds in the world ...melodies of raindrops. In the Hassouneh house we find all sorts of activities to occupy our slow moving rainy clocks:) Varieties of sleep, food, TV, coloring, cleaning, and laundry makes the clock tic. I especially love wet days for reading and trying to craft. I so want to be Betty Crocker...the romance of homemaker is alluring. There really is no other job as fulfilling as family, even on days you may feel loopy. And I admit I have those days, but then I remember the cooperate world. I will gladly take an apron over heels anytime. Well... off to snuggle with the lo vies on this fab drizzly day.

What do you do on rainy days?

Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas Peace

Today has been a wonderful day...I received a early that will benefit all the family...In Gods grace all goes well...housekeeping was the order of the and resolving business issues...there always is alot of housekeeping isn't there? Housekeeping is referred to in homes,  emotions, business...etc...anyway...It took some warm Christmasy pics enjoy...and Happy Holidays:)

Thursday, December 8, 2011


I really had know idea how addicting blogging can be...I'm really lovin it...even more than facebook. Truth be told...I'm tired of facebook...don't tell anyone. :)

Today "M" and I went Christmas shopping...we had so much fun. I'm so excited about Christmas morning...growing up mom made sure the toys were displayed perfectly...I still remember the year I got my smurf! I still have it!!! Love the holidays. There is an air of kindness, peace, and family. I have missed that alot the last several years with "J" being sick. Now however GAME ON..."J" is doing wonderful...thank you Lord! So this house is ready for some holiday spirit!!! My parents are coming "down" we have lots of plans...involving cookies, Ginger Bread houses, popcorn, hot chocolate...mmm...give me a little time and I find more to add:)

Speaking of holiday spirit...Ramadan and Christmas there about more than gifts though...I know this and have many items weighing on my heart... you find yourself always asking God for "something?" I do ...let me be honest...and I know this is promise to my Lord stop.
...abundance...I really can see how easy it is to want to give your children everything...however this isn't good for them, the family, and finances. So I "stopped" with Christmas shopping for the girls. They are going to have more than enough. There are more items, but they are I lift all my weaknesses up to God and pray for changing and forgiveness!

I pray that you all have a wonderful Christmas, plenty of gratitude, and just the right amount of abundance.


Bare with me as I redesign my blog:) Idiot Alert Beware :)

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Today was picture day...I know kinda late for holiday pics...what can I say? I seem to be chasing my tail right now...and apparantly Santa is visiting soon...and mommy isn't exactly ready...patience Santa please...I'll leave you more cookies:)
Okay so pictures...Jasmine wanted to run around the studio...Maria refused to smile...she actually looked rather ticked off =/ thats my when we could get "J" to smile..."M" refused...then when "M" finally smiled "J" decided to leave mid I am sounding like some crazy loon...come back J...M smile...all while I'm singing, tickling, and clapping to get them to the end we settled for the best we could do...
I also cannot figure out why I can't shake this cold...1 week now...still sick and OMG I'm sweating like a pig??? Why??? I hope this cold goes away soon...please God!
Well going for now...hoping all of you are warming up for the holidays:)

Monday, December 5, 2011

First Time

Okay... my husband has the children today:) I believe this is the first time I have had a day to myself in two years...maybe more...I begged him not to lose my babies:) ...He took "j" to school and "m" is hanging with dad today at you would think I have a spa day planned...Oh no...I have been sick for two days sleep food:(...I guess the croup found me...I did manage to get the tree up...don't know how long it will survive j &m...and the dog...just wanted to drop a note...
well back to bed...with my tissue and meds:(

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Count Down

Christmas tree up...decorations coming along...I'm so excited!!! My sweet little girls will awake Christmas morning with surprises!! Ramadan and Christmas are the sweetest times of the year...have you noticed how people seem happy and at peace...why is it so different the rest of the year? I'm also excited to get their pictures made..."J" and "M" sure are the best gifts I have every or could hope to receive....I love you both so very much!!! Thanks for allowing me to be your mother!
Your Mom

Sunday, November 27, 2011


Okay so I'm terrible at follow-up...really. I don't know why...I can't seem to get it together. I really believe blogging is free therapy...
So what has happened since July...Jasmine has become quite the clown...she is so funny with her joking ...she is walking and interacting more with everyone. School has become an issue...trying to decide where she needs to go for the right program...noone seems to understand what she can see...the doctors say we will have to wait and we wait...and thank God for everything!
Maria...what can I say...we all find her funny and the best little sis anyone could have. She is so wonderful with Jaz...and I love to watch them play together...
I love every minute with my ladies...because I know that one day they aren't going to be little anymore...I'm trying to enjoy every second...everyone tells me time goes by so fast...I know this is rue...
Attached are some pics from camp and vacations...see how they have already changed...

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Frugal learnings

Okay... so I must say I'm so proud of myself...I have spent zero dollars this week. Learning to consolidate my outings *to save fuel*and use the food already in the cupboards...and tadaa!!! Being frugal becomes is actually alot of fun!!!! I must say though, I'm in need of a book to I found a used book store...maybe beloved daughters and I will check out this new adventure.
So recap...Monday zero dollars
Tuesday zero dollars
wednesday zero dollars!!!!!

I pray that God keeps us on the path of we can live free and give back generously!!!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Frugal Living

I'm so excited over learning to be frugal...research...research!!! Why oh why, spend more when you can spend less. I think the first person who really gave me a "wake up" call about money, was my friend Kasia. She is from Poland and very savy with money. During a conversation of ours it dawned on me that living on credit wasn't a normal thing. In America we tend more towards buying now and paying time has gone on and I have choosen to keep learning...I'm going to be set free by frugality and no debt. It doesn't have to be so least not all the time!!!!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Technical Difficulities

I have always been fascinated with the Amish people. Their way of life looks so peaceful and comforting. I love to watch documentaries and read books on their way of life. I do believe that we travel way to fast thru life, never really seeing. Life is such a gift. Jasmine, my little wonder girl, taught me this. She loves life, even with all her challenges. She can sit for hours just enjoying the sunlight.
I wonder sometimes what it would be like, to live like the Amish. Well last week our house was struck by lightening, so I had a small taste of the plain life. We had no Internet, limited TV, limited phone, and the DVD player was cooked. I believe I went into technical took a week to get back online...and really I was missing Face book, Google, and my conclusion for the Hassouneh's family...we will live frugal and simple our way...with a little bit of technology... added for flavor.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Lazy Saturday

I must admit, I have been completely lazy today. Horrible I know, but what can I say...Jasmine and Maria have been enjoying playtime, lunch time, and snack time...:) Jasmine has been eating so good lately. I hope she keeps this up...Little Maria has no troubles in the food dept. Thank the Lord. Speaking of food...the last 2 months...I have started to study and implement "being frugal"...thrifty for want of another word. I have been tracking all our expenses...and guess what...big difference now versus two months ago...I'm more aware of prices and shopping around for the best deals...and not buying just because there is a sale...I don't want to "give" our money away...I want to keep it for our family...the now and future...I pray the Lord keeps giving the momentum of "frugality"....thanks to all the "blogs" out there on finances...its a blessing to receive such wonderful advice!!!! Okay back to the couch for more of "Keeping up Appearances" and tea!!!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Learning to Blog, again

It has been over a year, since I posted. This is really shameful here we go has moved forward...Maria, Jasmine's sister, entered our life 16 months ago...Jasmine attends school, I've started working, and life is good. I got teary looking back at the previous post. I remember the day Jasmine came home, I was terrified...I remember her and I sat in her room all day long ...I was scared to move is amazing how time really does heal. I'm grateful for my family and love them all so much. We are going to try this again, my friends!!! Blogging therapy!!!