Saturday, July 9, 2011

Lazy Saturday

I must admit, I have been completely lazy today. Horrible I know, but what can I say...Jasmine and Maria have been enjoying playtime, lunch time, and snack time...:) Jasmine has been eating so good lately. I hope she keeps this up...Little Maria has no troubles in the food dept. Thank the Lord. Speaking of food...the last 2 months...I have started to study and implement "being frugal"...thrifty for want of another word. I have been tracking all our expenses...and guess what...big difference now versus two months ago...I'm more aware of prices and shopping around for the best deals...and not buying just because there is a sale...I don't want to "give" our money away...I want to keep it for our family...the now and future...I pray the Lord keeps giving the momentum of "frugality"....thanks to all the "blogs" out there on finances...its a blessing to receive such wonderful advice!!!! Okay back to the couch for more of "Keeping up Appearances" and tea!!!

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