Friday, July 22, 2011

Technical Difficulities

I have always been fascinated with the Amish people. Their way of life looks so peaceful and comforting. I love to watch documentaries and read books on their way of life. I do believe that we travel way to fast thru life, never really seeing. Life is such a gift. Jasmine, my little wonder girl, taught me this. She loves life, even with all her challenges. She can sit for hours just enjoying the sunlight.
I wonder sometimes what it would be like, to live like the Amish. Well last week our house was struck by lightening, so I had a small taste of the plain life. We had no Internet, limited TV, limited phone, and the DVD player was cooked. I believe I went into technical took a week to get back online...and really I was missing Face book, Google, and my conclusion for the Hassouneh's family...we will live frugal and simple our way...with a little bit of technology... added for flavor.

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