Thursday, December 8, 2011


I really had know idea how addicting blogging can be...I'm really lovin it...even more than facebook. Truth be told...I'm tired of facebook...don't tell anyone. :)

Today "M" and I went Christmas shopping...we had so much fun. I'm so excited about Christmas morning...growing up mom made sure the toys were displayed perfectly...I still remember the year I got my smurf! I still have it!!! Love the holidays. There is an air of kindness, peace, and family. I have missed that alot the last several years with "J" being sick. Now however GAME ON..."J" is doing wonderful...thank you Lord! So this house is ready for some holiday spirit!!! My parents are coming "down" we have lots of plans...involving cookies, Ginger Bread houses, popcorn, hot chocolate...mmm...give me a little time and I find more to add:)

Speaking of holiday spirit...Ramadan and Christmas there about more than gifts though...I know this and have many items weighing on my heart... you find yourself always asking God for "something?" I do ...let me be honest...and I know this is promise to my Lord stop.
...abundance...I really can see how easy it is to want to give your children everything...however this isn't good for them, the family, and finances. So I "stopped" with Christmas shopping for the girls. They are going to have more than enough. There are more items, but they are I lift all my weaknesses up to God and pray for changing and forgiveness!

I pray that you all have a wonderful Christmas, plenty of gratitude, and just the right amount of abundance.

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